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News Analysis: Anger, not totally righteous

MPs in the Parliament set an unusual example on Sunday by launching a blistering attack on the Supreme Court for scrapping the 16th constitutional Amendment that had empowered the House to remove SC judges on grounds of misconduct and incapacity. Since 2010, the SC cancelled three more constitutional amendments--5th, 7th and 13th.  But in those cases, the SC's jurisdiction was never questioned and it was no ...

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China’s ‘civil war’ over dogs

Each year, on June 21, the city of Yulin in the southwest province of Guangxi, holds a dog meat festival -- a day when the massacre of dogs is celebrated as a "tradition" -- even though it was created by local traders in 2010. People worldwide condemn the event and call for an end to the country's dog meat trade. Within China, where dogs are increasingly seen as pets rather than dinner, opposition to the fe ...

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Xi Jinping, Rex Tillerson pledge cooperation over ‘regional hotspots’

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Sunday morning in Beijing, urging strengthened bilateral cooperation and "appropriate handling" of sensitive issues. Xi told Tillerson that there are far more shared interests between the two countries than disputes, emphasizing the need for more communication and coordination on matters involving "regional hotspots," according to ...

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Russian provocation: Bluster or genuine peril?

There's a Russian spy ship off the coast of Connecticut. Crammed with eavesdropping equipment, the Viktor Leonov has loitered in these waters before, but its current visit is the latest in a string of provocations. The last few years have seen dangerous Russian "fly-bys" of US warships, close encounters in the skies, when Russian military aircraft have flown with transponders switched off, and the occasiona ...

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How Islamic State is flourishing in Pakistan?

Its latest atrocity was an attack on last Saturday on a Sufi shrine in southwestern Pakistan that killed at least 50 people and wounded 100 others. The group said in a statement that a suicide bomber attacked the shrine with the intent of killing Shia Muslims and issued a picture of the attacker. When IS circulated a photograph of one of the attackers in last month's deadly assault on a police academy in so ...

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A tale of two cities: satellite images show contrasting fortunes of Aleppo’s citizens

While life remains relatively calm in the western half of the Syrian city, the rebel-controlled east has been almost obliterated, new UN pictures show by Martin Chulov At first glance, Aleppo, from high above, looks the same as it has for hundreds of years, a sprawl of concrete and stone across the brown plains of northern Syria. Looking more closely, though, it is clear four years of war have taken a withe ...

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