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Chris Pratt & Olivia Munn Spotted Out On Date Together : Has He Landed His ‘Dream Woman’?

It looks like leading man Chris Pratt, 38, has hit the dating scene since parting ways with wife Anna Faris, 41. The Guardians of the Galaxy star was spotted dining out with none other than Olivia Munn, 37, in LA on Friday, Jan ,19, according to insiders with Entertainment Tonight. The source says the pair were clearly enjoying a “romantic” night out together at Craig’s, a celebrity hotspot in West Hollywoo ...

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Trial will end very soon : Rezaur Rahman

On the eve of the 13th anniversary of the Aug 21 grenade attack, the State’s chief counsel in the two cases over the carnage says the trial will end ‘very soon’. Speaking to on Sunday, Syed Rezaur Rahman said 12 of the 20 defence witnesses have testified in court. The court will start hearing the arguments after the end of testimony and then it will deliver the verdict. Rezaur, a member of ...

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SABA Exclusive : My life is an open book

Boasting an alluring smile, confident demeanor and dazzling looks, she is a complete package. No matter the role, she embraces it with thorough dedication. Having recently made her debut in Tollywood, she looks to broaden her horizons in the local film scene. What projects are you currently working on? My schedule has been hectic since I had to shoot for a lot of television projects before Eid. Since Eid-ul ...

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My films have nothing to do with my political ideology : Paresh Rawal

He's undoubtedly one of Bollywood's best actors. Comedies, tear-jerkers, negative roles — there's little Paresh Rawal hasn't done in his career spanning three-and-a-half decades. And to say that he has performed each role with aplomb is, as the cliche goes, an understatement. While he's a delight to watch on screen, off it, he's known for his brutal honesty. Clearly, the actor-politician doesn't believe in ...

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Ranbir Kapoor Explains. What Katrina Kaif Said About Him Was Revenge – But Also A Joke

Did Katrina Kaif mean it when she said recently that she wouldn't be working with ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor again in a hurry? We put it to Ranbir and he was quick to set the record straight. "The honest truth behind it is that we were at a Facebook chat. I cracked a joke on her and she cracked it back on me. And she's saying 'It's really fair that the media has taken just my joke and made this out to be li ...

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‘Half Girlfriend’ is the ‘Naagin’ of my films : Ekta Kapoor

She's the original czarina of television, whose serials redefined the way Indians watched TV. However, her foray into films was seen with cynicism — 'dekhte hain kya karti hai'. While her tryst with the box office has been interspersed with hits and misses over the years, some of her last big-screen ventures didn't exactly replicate the success of her small-screen outings. 'Half Girlfriend' ('HG'), her firs ...

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I want people to look at the entire scene, not just the model : Jeeyoung Lee

Korean artist Jeeyoung Lee creates three-dimensional fantasy worlds. With her background in visual design and photography, Lee captures her dreams, experiences, memories and emotions by building elaborate sets for her ongoing self-portrait series "Stage of Mind." In one of her latest works, "La Vie en Rose," Lee drew inspiration from a Korean proverb, "Life is a thorny path," and sculpted thorns made out of ...

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